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QUEST-I'm-ON Safe School workshop focuses on the successes of every human being. It is based on the concept that acceptance and love can only be fostered through understanding, compassion and empathy, and those are best achieved through common experience. The workshop is designed to facilitate the common experience of love and respect for all students regardless of their background in a group setting.

Many group activities revolve around "discovery games" highlighting how we as human beings relate to each other through similarities and fear. These activities help students to become aware of the barriers that separate us as human beings and that by simply "talking to each other", we can learn to trust, love and support each other.

During the workshop, we explore and share who we are by addressing some simple yet complex questions. We always make sure that each student feels safe and that no one is forced to speak, just encouraged to share. There is always a focus on "What can I do to make this school—my world—safer for everyone around me?" Students will devise three concrete things that their school could start implementing to create a safer school. The day ends on a high note with the celebration exercise and by then, students will have established a new support system. Important information (such as indication of a student at risk that needs special attention) discovered during the workshops will be given to the schools’ authorities.

This workshop is heart-opening, educational, transformative, fun, and demonstrates the power of acceptance and love. By promoting self-acceptance and respect for others, this workshop helps to ignite participants' individual passions and inspires them to take their position as positive leaders of change. Our primary goal is to instill the promise of hope and possibility in the young ones by showing them that they are not alone in this world.

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Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.

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